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I’m looking forward to not receiving any messages.

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Your character has just discovered my character's journal/diary.

Entry | > | 5                                                              Date: Unknown

Today was just a brand new beginning for me. As well as a long one. I was given a mini tour of the company, not very well a detailed one but a summary of who is who and the purpose for the mercenary group. I do, however, find the commander to be the most interesting of them all. Besides the woman with the red hair and the branded girl man. Ike seemed to have the most skills and experience within the group and swordsmanship. I assume being the new member and not having very much information given about me, his attention was drawn to me more than I expected. I can say he is rather. .  good looking, but what gets me more is how devoted he is.. to not only to the company, but more of what his purpose of his doing. I hope to become more than comrades with the man, friends or sparring partners would be nice, and getting to know him more for what he had demonstrated to me on the training grounds. I can learn so much from him, maybe I’ll be able to become a strong swords wielder just like him!

Your character has just discovered my character's journal/diary.

Entry | < | 20                                                                                       Date | Unknown

It’s been very. .  changing these last couple of days. I cannot explain it fully, but it is all because of that swordsman. I do not know where is from  nor do I know enough information about the man… but his heart is not like any other. Getting though his little paranoia of women, he sure is a very deep hearted and loving man. How I fell for more then just the wave of his sword, but his sense of loving and mind. I can say my feelings for him are more stronger than my pride and what I can possess, and hopefully, soon, . .  a day will come where we will place our lips together and fall in our love and bliss all over again.~

Your character has just discovered my character’s journal/diary.



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This woman walks a path few dare to even believe is a possibility. One who renounces destiny and forges her future with nothing except her sword. None shall stand between her and her dream, one in which only the most ambitious dare to grasp for. The tournament is simply a formality, for by the end she will obtain the greatest prize of all with her own hands. Her Legacy.


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top 5 bitches B)

The only bitches I have is twin bitches and that is theblueheroreturns and intrepid-swordsman : i

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Top 5 Turn-Ons!

um um..

  1. Being yourself
  2. nice sense of humor
  3. being all cutesy and loving
  4. being dominate
  5. playing video games
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Top five nintendo games?
Ask me my "TOP 5" anything!
  1. Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn
  2. Legend of Zelda: Twilight princess
  3. SSBB //ig//
  4. Mario kart
  5. Super mario 3D world.