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Nobunaga frowned at her words as he handed the message holding his reassignment from the main army. If he could he would enjoy having this woman in his torture chambers when he defected… “Is everyone in this camp as rude as you?”

 ❝ No. We are just overly concern over the people who have no right to be here unless reminded before hand. You know what is rude? Sneaking into this camp like no good idiot. ❞

|  | The woman handed the letter back to him. He was worthless in her eyes, not even one to waste her time on. It’s rather ironic though It didn’t make sense as to why he would sneak in like that. It had given Akane a different view to him, thus having a attitude towards him and a bad feeling within her gut.. |   | 

 ❝ Just go and get out of my sight. Ike is in the tent to your left. Don’t get lost now.❞

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Nobunaga froze as she caught him sneaking around the camp. He had infiltrated their army a few weeks ago but had managed to stay unknown for the most part. He had paid his way to an reassignment to Ike’s army to give him some reinforcements.  “Ma’am I am just a messenger from the main army. I have a message to deliver to Ike.”

 ❝  Oh really? Then let me see this message to confirm so. You look like some sort of spy or even worse a bandit.❞  

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Anonymous sent:
Akane mun....Go home your drunk T-T

/ / it’s the cocaine—

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katanaprincess replied to your post “katanaprincess replied to your post:katanaprincess replied to your…”

Over 9000% sure~ I tried retyping and checking, and there isn’t a missing letter there… *facedesk*

// ; o ; ohhh maybe it’s a diff. email. try others then the one you are using or ones that you may think you might be.

if that doesn’t work..then damn tumblr to hell qnq//

I just can’t help it but imagine Gaius skipping in a land of candy while this song plays 

IKR? I tried resetting the password, but Tumblr says that the email isn’t registered, so I couldn’t get on. *gross sobbing*

/ / you sure you aren’t typing anything wrong in the email? ;n; like forgetting a letter or something? cause i happen to do that sometimes. qnq  /

makogirlwithapast sent:
Cheek:"I want to tell you I love you."/Deep affection/Devotion


❝ I love you too , eternally.❞ 

My gosh, this is so cute. I would’ve replied to this through Sune, but unfortunately, Tumblr won’t let me get into that account. ;-;

// awww nooo qnq dammit tumblr / /

maestroofmuses sent:
I just thought about Akane and the title, Lady of Lethality pinged because none survives the sweep of her sword. (Sorry you can ignore me. x3)


Anonymous sent:
Mommy, Sune won't let me pway with him and his fwiends!! Mom, she wants to wrestle and we play rough. I keep telling her that she'll get hurt. But, I wanna pway!!

Gods, you two need to learn how to play with each other. Julia,sweetheart, you cannot play wrestling. You are too young and mommy doesn’t want you getting hurt. And Sune, play more with your sister. She only wants to play and she has nobody else but you.❞

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