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-Bonus points if you include hints to the other parent’s identity


// Anon is enabled only for CHILD ASKS.

everything else will be deleted and not even be read.

Please make sure to contain ”Child meme; ” in your ask(s).

/ / Update on Akane’s sword.

I have no reason to continue having it contain a ”majestic aura” within it.I only simply created that for a AU i had, but I never knew why I transferred it to her canon.  I will used it, however, in some AU’s and M!A’s that do make Akane have this type of divine power.

Well, now it is just an ordinary sword, just like any other. The design will stay the same.

And the blue glow will appear in some future artwork, but please don’t connect it to her having the aura within her sword or that power, because she does not anymore. It will only be used as effects prior to whatever theme I am drawing or just extra detail/affects./ /

gaius-candy-king sent:
(from Weapon-triangle, Dylia) The swordswoman walked up. "I heard you were a good fighter. I'd love to see your skill." She drew her dual blades with a smile. "If you're willing."

Good?Hm. .  if you desire to catch a glimpse of my skill, then you can be my guest. However, a fellow opponent? Then deem your worthiness by getting my sword out  of my hand. ❞

 |   | The woman gave a smirk, a challenging one that showed interested in the blades and the sword woman herself. Fellow swordswoman or man challenging Akane had the bluenette become acceptive and excited. It was always said from her dear father to always accept the challenges from a stranger or a fellow companion. It was always a great experience to learn something new and witness styles of one another. Akane strengthen her grip onto her sword, and was prepared to give the other woman what she wished for. A unforgettable sight of her skill.

gaius-candy-king sent:
Also I'd like to thank you for just being awesome. I've been following your blog since back when I myself had about 15 followers. You actually have inspired me a lot, for RPing and art, and your RP's have actually cheered me up at times. So thank you very much for being awesome!

// oh—oh thank you so much ! oh this made my night thank you!!!



Hey Mom!! Look what I found!!


What is it—-❞



|  | Akane turned her back, and with building interest in what her son recently found, it took her by surprise and made the glass cup in her hand escape the grip and smash onto the floor. So many pieces, all from being startled by the animal she found in her home. It brought her no concern about the mess now needed to be swiped up, her eyes just couldn’t get their gaze off of the creature. Big and harry . . just like what she saw in the wild, only at a further distance.

|   | The bluenette migrated from the sink to the side of the table, having it become her shield in hopes that the animal wouldn’t come her way. In fear and fright, her hearted raced. Akane spoke, with her teeth chattering, she stuttered her command. |  |

❝ S-Sune.  . Get that animal o-out of this house immediately!! ❞ 

gaius-candy-king sent:
I'm excited to see Akane's personality more. And my OC's would like to meet her.

// If you want to have them interact with her for now I have no problem with it! //

I've returned… And I can say I feel like a changed woman. ❞

queenoftheswords sent:
// I ship me with the mun cause sexy reasons -u- / /